increase your business with smart document captureIn the beginning, there was capture. A simple photograph or scan could turn your paper document into a digital file for easy storage. It was a great first step, but the files were nothing but a picture or PDF. Saved in a folder with thousands of others, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack when it came time to retrieve details.

Advanced capture takes it into the 21st century, allowing not only the “capture” part, but the “advanced” features that make it so indispensable: automatic recognition, classification, indexing, separation, and data extraction. Your files are now fully searchable and automatically structured, organized, and archived, attached to the appropriate account or user. Advanced capture is the beautiful solution for paper and electronic sources. And all hands-free. But convenience is not everything. You need – and get – more.

An automated and advanced capture solution can dramatically reduce data errors associated with manual entry. An employee transferring a paper document to a digital medium will make occasional mistakes. It’s inevitable. Those typos and omissions can cause huge delays, further mistakes in some nightmarish domino effect, and require time and money to find and fix them. Eliminate them with A.C.

Besides the costly mistakes that can happen, manual capture always reduces productivity. The time it eats amounts to dozens of hours. With a set-it-and-forget-it capture solution, those hours are available again. Not only does it increase overall productivity, but it lowers the cost associated with those tedious-but-necessary tasks because you’re no longer paying someone to do them at the expense of anything else. How much time and money does it cost per invoice, from receipt to payment, when you consider all the data entry, reminders, and follow-ups that someone must do? Or for each lead nurtured? You can’t very well forgo any of it. An advanced capture system can save that money for better things.

All the information in the world is useless if it can’t be accessed, shared, and tracked quickly and confidently. Information needs to be visible. So put the data you need at everyone’s fingertips. Employees need what they need when they need it. But don’t confuse that with lax security. Advanced capture can list points of origin and track access. All industries have their compliance demands, and advanced capture solutions make it effortless to demonstrate and maintain that compliancy. Try doing that with a paper document in a filing cabinet.

It’s very likely that you experience a data bottleneck every day. Client onboarding, new accounts, sales, orders, distribution, follow-up, customer service…and on and on. It sits on a server or desk. Waiting. Advanced capture speeds the entry of mission-critical data and documents into the shared system. It gets leads into the funnel, products shipped, invoices sent, and payments processed. That leads to better customer engagement, more dollars and cents, and faster response times for virtually everything.

An advanced capture solution like ccScan – partnered with your cloud storage or CRM provider of choice – can take your business from the minor leagues to the big show. Everything you want. Nothing you don’t.