ccScan for Box

View these slides for Unattended Importing and nearly hands-free Scanning to Box. Create folders and file names automatically.

ccScan for Salesforce

Run unattended jobs to import electronic faxes and attach them automatically to existing or newly created Salesforce records based on information extracted from barcodes and text pattern searches using OCR.

ccScan for Google Docs

Scan, Import and Automatically file documents to Google Docs. With ccScan Advanced use Barcodes and OCR to automate document naming and Box folder naming or creation.

ccScan for SharePoint

Scan documents to SharePoint while automatically populating custom Columns in a SharePoint Document Library or List. Setup and run jobs unattended to import electronic faxes and upload them to automatically selected folders of a SharePoint Document Library or List.

ccScan for Dropbox

Scan nearly hands-free, run unattended importing and file documents automatically to Dropbox.