Scan to Salesforce Attachments

Scan or bulk import documents directly as Salesforce Attachments to records such as Account, Asset, Campaign, Case, Contact, Contract, Event, Lead, Opportunity, Product, Solution, or Task. Apply settings such as Document Name, Description and Private. Use default jobs or create your own which can be used over and over by just changing a few scanning or import properties in the job. Documents are scanned or imported, identified and stored in one step.

Scan to Salesforce Content

Scan documents directly to Salesforce Content and eliminate several manual steps. Scanning is as simple as adding or changing a few properties in a default scanning job, loading the scanner and pressing Start Scan. Your documents are scanned, identified and stored directly into Salesforce Content.

Scan to Salesforce Documents

Scan or bulk import documents directly to Salesforce Documents. Name documents and folders automatically using barcodes or macros. Use default jobs or create your own which can be used over and over by just changing a few properties in the job. Your documents are scanned, identified and stored in one step.

Scan Directly to Google Docs

Import or Scan to Google Docs in One click. No intermediate steps. Use professional scanning features to help automatic naming and folder creation, saving time and money. Set Google Docs properties in the same step.

Scan Directly to Box

Import to Scan to Box to store your business documents for sharing or collaboration. Scan, adjust Box document properties and automatically name or create folders, files and document names.

Scan Directly to SharePoint

Import or Scan to Office 365 SharePoint as well as SharePoint 2010 and 2007. Save time with one step uploading by using ccScan’s automated features to name Field/Column values, files and folders. Create new folders on the fly. Populate custom fields with OCR, barcodes or manually.

Scan Directly to Dropbox

Scan documents to Dropbox for storing and sharing. Scan or Import, set a few document and Dropbox properties and automatically name or create folders, files and document names. Specify whom can see shared documents.

Scan Directly to Amazon S3

Scan to Amazon S3 to store, view and share documents in popular industry standard formats. Bulk importing and professional scanning features automatically name and create documents and virtual folders.

Scan to the Cloud and Transform your Office

Transform Your Office when you Scan to the Cloud with ccScan. Change your office from one that is burdened with paper and file cabinets to one that nearly eliminates the problems of paper filing.