Archive and digitize documents efficiently with ccScan for Amazon S3. ccScan quickly imports documents so you can scan to Amazon S3 using production-level document capture features usually only available in more expensive capture suites. From single pages, to hundreds or thousands of documents, use ccScan with any TWAIN scanner to streamline the entire procedure.

Save time. Save money. Make it easier. Make it automatic. Improve the bottom line. It’s the business dream team. And ccScan makes it possible.

Full Version
ccScan Advanced for Amazon S3

ccScan Advanced makes use of smart processing techniques such as extracting data from the scanned or imported documents, separating documents with barcodes or OCR phrases, and creating dynamic rules to direct documents to virtual folders. Save both time and money while improving your overall workflow efficiency.

Storing documents on Amazon S3 resembles a file and folder system like the Windows file system but instead uses virtual folders. A hierarchical S3 filing system can be set up intuitively from the ccScan user interface. Users create and select virtual folders either manually or automatically with barcodes or macros.
Seamlessly integrate ccScan with any TWAIN scanner that accepts large stacks of paper. Separate multi-page documents automatically with barcodes included with ccScan Advanced, or create your own. Divide a scanned batch into individual documents, which can then be directed to specific virtual folders on S3. Use Advanced’s built-in OCR Engine to automatically populate filename and folder fields with text taken from a selected portion of a scanned image. Annotate and permanently redact documents before storing or sharing them.
ccScan utilizes the widely recognized and compatible PDF (Portable Document Format) parameters. Everyday documents are stored for quick and easy retrieval using the standard, image-only PDF format. In order to guarantee future integrity and accessibility, use the archive quality PDF/A-1b format – 100% self-contained with embedded fonts – for long-term storage.

ccScan Advanced includes an OCR Engine to convert scanned images to PDF with searchable text, while keeping the original document appearance. An optional OCR Engine is available for ccScan Standard.

ccScan includes Bulk Import, a powerful feature to import hundreds or thousands of files to S3. Using wildcards (search specifications) to select document names and/or file extensions from a local folder, ccScan will automatically search for, identify, and export all applicable files into Amazon S3. For example, you may select TIF or GIF files with the letter B in the second filename position by using a wildcard specification of ?B*.?if and enabling Bulk Folder Recursion.

ccScan will navigate all folders below the initial folder and export all files meeting your search specifications. Import any PDF, JPEG, JPG, and TIF document types.

Once files have been uploaded to Amazon S3, you may share documents by either email or sharing links. Set an expiration date and time when displaying the document, and recipients can view it until time expires. Reveal the URL of a file and copy it to an email or other document, all at the touch of a button. Employ standard PDF options such as passwords to protect the document.
Truly turn-key, ccScan for Amazon S3 is ready-to-use with a set of default jobs once installation is complete. Conveniently customize tasks to process recurring scanning or import jobs with minimal clicks, thereby saving time and reducing the potential for input errors. On a per-job basis, decide on an S3 account, select the scanner, set scanner or import properties, identify the desired import fields, set those default values, and hide unused fields.
Amazon S3 does not provide native retrieval features, but ccScan does offer users this function, complete with automatic caching for improved performance when dealing with hundreds or thousands of documents. Retrieve, verify, view, and print from within the ccScan interface.
A password-protected setup mode is provided to allow administrators to manage creation, modification, and setup of all jobs within the network. Control both user access to job properties and field restrictions. Total control is in your hands.
Security is paramount in the digital world, and ccScan takes the security of you and your business very seriously. Documents are safeguarded with Secure Hypertext Transfer over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) while transferring to and from Amazon S3. All jobs are fully protected by password and powerful built-in .Net encryption.
  • Database Lookup – Automatically connect to any ODBC compliant database to query and return one or more fields for population of Cloud provider document and folder names and fields or custom objects.
  • Zonal OCR – Enhanced OCR extraction accuracy by setting up zones around key word, numbers or text areas, then automatically populate fields, objects or document names and folders.
  • Achieve even more precise extraction by using Regular Expressions in OCR zones.
  • Improved and completely unattended automatic importing, indexing and exporting to the Cloud
  • Updated document separation methods
  • New and improved Regular Expression and field macros
  • Improvements in OCR engine
  • New and updated Cloud provider capabilities
  • Software maintenance and Major/Minor version upgrade included in new price
  • Basic startup assistance included. Extended startup, workflow design or job support available from Professional Services
  • Generate unattended jobs to import fax files to automatically selected folders. ccScan ensures those documents are appropriately named based on information extracted from barcodes and text pattern searches obtained through OCR (optical character recognition).
  • Specify document classification rules that operate on information taken from the document. Automatically detect the type of each document in a mixed stack of several types, and separate them for easy storage and retrieval.
  • Since ccScan is highly configurable, it can be applied to many scenarios where opportunities for automation and better time management are present.

ccScan Advanced

  • /user/month( $640 billed annually)

Standard Version
ccScan Standard for Amazon S3

ccScan Standard is similar to the Advanced edition, but excludes automation features (barcode detection, Regular Expressions, Rules, and OCR). Standard rapidly transfers documents, and excels at eliminating wasted time in a paper-based office where you would normally scan to Amazon S3, name it, create a folder in S3, and upload the document. Instead, ccScan Standard does all of this for you in an economical, single-step operation.

ccScan Standard

  • /user/month( $156 billed annually)
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