Scan Directly to Box

Import to Scan to Box to store your business documents for sharing or collaboration. Scan, adjust Box document properties and automatically name or create Box folders on-the-fly, name files and documents.

ccScan Advanced for Box

Unattended Importing and nearly hands-free Scanning to Box. Create a job to Import electronic documents using Barcodes to identify documents from a local or cloud folder. After importing ccScan automatically sets Box properties and uploads the document. Extract information directly from the document context using OCR using regular expression macros. ccScan polls the folder every 10 minutes to process documents automatically.

ccScan Advanced for Salesforce

Run unattended jobs to import electronic faxes and attach them automatically to existing or newly created Salesforce records based on information extracted from barcodes and text pattern searches using OCR. Or scan documents and automatically populate custom fields in Content Libraries.

Store Salesforce Attachments in Google Drive and Docs

With ccScan you can store Salesforce Attachments directly in Google Drive and Docs and create links in the Google Docs, Notes & Attachment section of detail records, all in a single step. Storing Salesforce attachments in Google Docs is included in ccScan Advanced for Salesforce. Storing Salesforce Attachments with ccScan Standard for Salesforce requires purchase of ccScan Standard for Google Docs.

ccScan Standard for Salesforce

ccScan Standard is typically used in a paper-based office to efficiently scan paper documents to Salesforce. Eliminate numerous manual steps like scanning locally, naming the document, creating a folder in Salesforce Documents, and uploading the document to Salesforce. Avoid separatly editing Salesforce document properties such as description and keywords, or entering values in custom fields defined for a Salesforce Content Library. Do this all in one, efficient, single-step operation.

ccScan Advanced for SharePoint

Scan documents to SharePoing while automatically populating custom Columns in a SharePoint Document Library or List. Setup and run jobs unattended to import electronic faxes and upload them to automatically selected folders of a SharePoint Document Library or List. Then automatically name the document or attachment based on information extracted from barcodes and text pattern searches in text obtained through OCR.