Effortlessly scan or import documents to your Windows PC, shared network drive or folder with ccScan for File Systems. Digitize single pages, or large stacks of paper with high-performance scanners at or near rated speed. Optimize the entire process using any Windows desktop with any TWAIN scanner, and all without page or volume charges.

Save time. Save money. Make it easier. Make it automatic. Improve the bottom line. It’s the business dream team. And ccScan makes it possible.

Full Version
ccScan Advanced for File Systems

ccScan Advanced for File Systems automates your archiving and digitizing tasks, accomplishing nearly hands-free scanning and unattended importing. Utilize smart processing techniques such as automatic file and folder naming to optimize workflow efficiency and your business automation process.

Create and name both files and folders automatically with field macros, more than 100 supplied barcode header pages, or create custom made barcodes with ccScan. Quickly set up a hierarchical folder storage scheme by using barcodes to separate multiple documents scanned in a batch. Divide a scanned batch into individual documents, which can then be directed to specific folders. Annotate and redact documents before storing them. All this and more with ccScan Advanced’s automation capabilities.
ccScan utilizes the widely recognized and compatible PDF (Portable Document Format) parameters. Everyday documents are stored for quick and easy retrieval using the standard PDF format. In order to guarantee future integrity and accessibility, use the archive quality PDF/A-1b format – 100% self-contained with embedded fonts – for long-term storage. ccScan also supports scanning to both TIF and JPEG formats.
Truly turn-key, ccScan is ready-to-use with a set of default jobs once installation is complete. Conveniently customize tasks to process recurring scanning or import jobs with minimal clicks, thereby saving time and reducing the potential for input errors. On a per-job basis, decide on file system folders, scanner and settings, import fields the user should enter, set those defaults, and hide fields not needed.
With most scanning systems, scanned documents are saved as bitmap images without text. But ccScan users can instantly transform an image of text into actual, searchable text using the OCR Engine.

Users can further apply OCR to convert parts of a page (or selected rectangles) to text, and then copy that to the clipboard. Documents can be named quickly by selecting OCR rectangles and placing that value into the document name field with one-click.

ccScan for File Systems can be used as a stand-alone application on a single computer, or on a local area network or intranet as part of workgroup or department application.

Shared folders can be set up for stored documents on the network, allowing different scanning and indexing users to maximize efficiency. Customized job settings can be shared with all users, ensuring that each task is performed with the same exact properties.

Documents are safeguarded with Secure Hypertext Transfer over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) while transferring to and from the Cloud provider. All jobs are fully protected by password and powerful built-in .Net encryption.ccScan provides an AES encrypted, password-protected setup mode to allow administrators to manage the creation and modification of jobs for all users. Administrators determine field order for best workflow, which unused fields to hide from users, and the addition of default values for required fields. These customized settings save time and minimize the possibility of input error.
  • Database Lookup – Automatically connect to any ODBC compliant database to query and return one or more fields for population of Cloud provider document and folder names and fields or custom objects.
  • Zonal OCR – Enhanced OCR extraction accuracy by setting up zones around key word, numbers or text areas, then automatically populate fields, objects or document names and folders.
  • Achieve even more precise extraction by using Regular Expressions in OCR zones.
  • Improved and completely unattended automatic importing, indexing and exporting to the Cloud
  • Updated document separation methods
  • New and improved Regular Expression and field macros
  • Improvements in OCR engine
  • New and updated Cloud provider capabilities
  • Software maintenance and Major/Minor version upgrade included in new price
  • Basic startup assistance included. Extended startup, workflow design or job support available from Professional Services
  • Generate unattended jobs to import fax files to automatically selected folders. ccScan ensures those documents are appropriately named based on information extracted from barcodes and text pattern searches obtained through OCR (optical character recognition).
  • Import and upload electronic documents or faxes.
  • Create folders on-the-fly and automatically name each document, using barcode values and text extracted through OCR (optical character recognition).
  • Save documents on your local computer, network file system, or share.
  • Use ccScan Advanced to automate storage of large volumes of documents.
  • Create rules to direct documents to proper folders using OCR extracted text.

ccScan Advanced

  • /user/month( $640 billed annually)

Standard Version
ccScan Standard for File Systems

ccScan Standard for File Systems is similar to ccScan Advanced, but without the automation, barcode, and OCR engines. Standard rapidly transfers documents to and from computer folders, removable hard drives, network folders, connected file systems like Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SANs), and other media, including CD, DVD and USB flash drives. Use ccScan Standard to efficiently capture and store paper and electronic documents.


ccScan Standard

  • /user/month( $156 billed annually)
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