Caleb Everett
"Career College of California"

“We are a career college participating in federal student aid programs and consequently are extremely documentation intensive. ccScan has allowed us to automate the storage of our student files online. Now instead of copying paper documents and having somebody file them in folders in file cabinets, we either scan documents or save them in folders and ccScan automatically adds them to Salesforce Content, setting the document type, relating it to the appropriate student, adding it to one or more appropriate libraries and populating the appropriate field with a link to the document. We are not only saving time filing, ccScan makes it easier for us to ensure our files meet our compliance requirements. We can now run reports on missing documents and review documents online instead looking at paper based checklists and flipping through paper documents.

The support has also been fantastic. We had a couple of ideas on functionality that would make our implementation more effective and I was amazed that the company was receptive to adding them to ccScan and even more amazed that they added them in within days of our requests. It took us a little while to learn the application and how to set it up, but the company was very responsive in answering our questions and helping us get set up.

Our return on investment on ccScan is really high, many multiples of the annual license cost and we recommend it highly.”

Johnny Wagster, CEO
Doyle Sims & Sons Trucking

“We are a mid-size Transportation Company....I have used several in-house scanning solutions, but they fail in comparison to the results that ccScan provides. We incorporated ccScan with Google docs. I use all the Google business solutions in everything we do.

Clark at ccScan assisted us in designing a routine for Accounts Payable.....the software reads our check number, then dynamically creates a folder "if it is new", otherwise names the document and files it in the appropriate folder. Their willingness and ability to help is unmatched in my opinion.

I think you will discover as I have with ccScan you will achieve your goals of managing paper, you will do it for less money, and have someone you can trust to help you if needed.”

bay home and window
Patty Eastman
Bay Home and Window

Was having problem scanning 2 sided documents. Connected with Monty and he fixed the problem so quickly and easy. Even went in and cleaned up some of my scan settings. This system is the best so easy to scan and connects right to our customers job file in Sales Force. Thank you!

north star fund
Kate Coley
North Star Fund

I love this product! It has cut down so much on time spent organizing files and the amount of paper we have to use. Monte is amazing and always answers my calls and emails immediately. He's easy to talk to and is really helpful with any issues I come across.

Michael L. Avery, Jr.
The Avery Law Firm

“We are a small law office with a staff of 7, who until embracing SharePoint and the use of ccScan to scan & store our daily mail, faxes, and other miscellaneous correspondences were completely reliant on paper, and digging through files to find documents needed. With ccScan we have been able to work smarter, and find virtually any document, fax, piece of mail, with ease. ccScan has been a life saver for the way we do business.”

Alison Oedewaldt

“ccScan has allowed us to increase efficiency and accuracy in many areas of our document management. We continue to find new uses for the program, as we learn more about its diverse capabilities. The overall value of the program would lend me to recommend this product to other organizations.”

Jim Carey
Landmark Services Cooperative

Each year during the month of August and September, we send and receive over 20,000 documents as part of our customers annual contract renewals. Last year it took our admin team 9 months to scan each document individually and attach them to the appropriate account in Salesforce. With ccScan's ability to do bulk scanning along with the OCR capabilities, our CSR's have adopted a process to collect them in a daily batch and scan them at the end of each day. Rather than taking months, it now takes minutes. As a result, all of our customers data and contract information is now at our CSR's fingertips. Gone are the days of needing to dig through stacks of paperwork. Kudo's to the team at Capture Components, this products has proven it's value 10x over.

Laurie Cantwell
The Chemistry Group

Our organization uses CC Scan to store our client files directly to Box, which we have integrated with Salesforce. We are paperless and organized, which leaves us time to focus on what's important - our clients! We couldn't ask for a better scanning product and we understand we have barely scratched the surface on utilizing all of its functionality. Plus the support we have received has been outstanding - knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and professional. A+++

midtown assistance center
Mitchell Parsons
Midtown Assistance Center

This app is awesome! My nonprofit is in the "throws" of going paperless and this app, as well as the helpful and courteous staff's can do attitude, will make it a reality for our organization. They are happy to help you with any configuration assistance to get you up and rolling. Scan double sided, customized bar codes, direct to desired Salesforce ID and Google Docs are just a few of the features - where is the 6 star rating? Purchase with confidence my friends!

Josh Gettman
Anthony Robbins Group

“We evaluated several different Salesforce scan in products before choosing ccScan. After selecting the product we were up and running within hours -- scanning all our contracts into Salesforce. Monte and the group were great; providing excellent service (even after hours!). “

Stephen Harth
Educational Shippers Association

"In November of 2013 we started to search for a software that would reduce the manual process of scanning customer documents and internal documents and have them uploaded to the companies' Microsoft SharePoint Teamsite for searching from our staff. After countless days of research and hours and hours of conference calls, I finally came across Capture Components product ccScan.

I spoke with Monte and Clark from the company and after a brief demo, I couldn't believe how perfect the product and price were. More impressive to us was the customer service and support they gave us installing and implementing the software.

It is now a month and a half later and the product has worked great. It has saved us hundreds of hours in extra effort and streamlined a new process for us. This will allow us to better serve our customers and operate more efficiently. To anyone seeking this type of software, I would highly recommend ccScan and more importantly the company itself that actually stands behind their product.”

Carole A. Krutilla
IBEW 9 Fringe Benefit Funds

"I just wanted to send a quick note to say Thank You! for all of support you gave me while setting up my ccScan account today. I think this will an invaluable tool for not only myself but our entire company"

Thomas MacDonald, Financial Consultant

“ccScan does the job that is advertises; I don’t think you should get an award for that. What I do think ccScan deserves an award for is exceptional customer service. My project required an immediate solution, and Clark in Customer Support spent the time needed to help me get the job done (and it paid for itself in 2 days). What was exceptional about the support was that it was over a weekend. You just don’t see a great product and superb customer service like that every day.”