Helping You Get the Most from Your ccScan Product!

We offer support 7 days a week and aim to get back to you within 24 hours. Please email us at and include the following:

– Brief description of the problem
– ccScan version number (in ccScan Help menu, About…)
– The Cloud provider being used
– Make and model of your scanner
– When the problem occurred were you: Scanning, Importing, Indexing, Storing, Setup
– Error text and number if displayed; screenshots if available.

Latest Version: ccScan Release #62, dated April 25, 2023

New: Enhancements:

  • The new 1D/2D barcode engine is faster and more accurate
  • The Validation window opens automatically on Index/QA
  • Screen position is retained when using the Validation window
  • Date values may now be null
  • Auto-Run jobs now post errors in the Notification window

New: Fixes:

  • No more orphan documents in Salesforce Lightning Content
  • Salesforce drag and drop URL is working again

Version: ccScan Release #61, dated April 7, 2022


  • 2D barcodes starting with QR codes are now supported
  • Separator Text property expanded to support partial barcode or Regex values.
  • ccScan for Salesforce Lightning login has been improve
  • Full Box Metadata Template support for Business Plus, Enterprise and Elite users
  • And more…

To find your version number click on your: ccScan Help menu, and select About. To download the latest version open ccScan Help and go to the Title page “ccScan Help”. There, just click on the download link or copy that URL to your browser.

Please reference the complete version number in any support emails. Major new versions are denoted by the first digit. Minor versions appear in the second set of 1 or 2 digits. The third pair of digits is the Revision number which includes bug fixes, clarifications and minor corrections. The final 4 or 5 digit group is the Build number denoting any change, trivial or otherwise.


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