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Scan to the Cloud – FAQ Page2017-01-31T11:22:38-08:00
If I use ccScan for Amazon S3, and later stop using ccScan, how can I access my data?2014-02-09T18:41:50-08:00

We recommend that you use Bucket Explorer or CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3. We have tested both products with ccScan documents. Both are simple to use and economically priced. Both products may also be used to store or access non-scannable or other electronic documents on Amazon S3.

Will ccScan for File Systems work on my company’s VPN?2014-02-09T18:37:11-08:00

All ccScan products should be compatible with popular VPNs. You must have read-write privileges for storage folders over the VPN. A good test is to use Windows Explorer to copy files from your local computer to the remote folder via the VPN. If files copy correctly, then so should ccScan.

Can I store documents in a folder on the network?2014-02-09T18:42:29-08:00

Generally Yes. But it depends on what you mean by ‘network’. If referring to a local area network like a home or office network (intranet or local area network) the answer is Yes. If you mean the Internet, the only currently available means to do this is via Internet Hard Drives of which several are available.

What is the current version number of ccScan?2014-02-09T18:42:34-08:00

The currently shipping version number is found in one location: this website in the Support page. Your ccScan version number is located in the ccScan main Help menu, About…, opposite the word Version.

Major new versions are denoted by the first digit. Minor versions appear in the second set of 1 or 2 digits. The third pair of digits is the Revision number which includes bug fixes, clarifications and minor corrections. The final 4 or 5 digit group is the Build number denoting any change, trivial or otherwise.

Which operating system is needed for ccScan?2017-01-31T00:59:35-08:00

ccScan is designed for Windows XP and above, 32- or 64-bit versions with latest service packs. Windows 7 SP1 is recommended. For more information view System Requirements.

How often are upgrades provided?2014-02-09T18:42:16-08:00

There is not a set schedule. When we find a bug, we build a new version and make it available for download. When we add new features they are tested and then made available for download.

Are there any charge for upgrades?2017-06-22T08:04:35-07:00

All maintenance updates are free to users in good standing. Minor and Revision upgrades are also free to users in good standing. Major version upgrades, for example, from 2.xx to 3.xx, may require upgrade pricing if certain new features are required.

How fast is ccScan?2014-02-09T18:42:13-08:00

The basic limitations are your scanner, computer and the selected repository. If you have a fast scanner with high throughput and you have a fast multi-core computer, ccScan should keep up with the scanner.  ccScan makes use of the power of your computer and each of its processor cores. It will run faster on a dual core processor than a single core processor. The same is true of triple or quad core processors. If you need maximum performance and have a very fast scanner (100 ppm, 200 ipm or higher), expect to read barcodes and run OCR, then use a very fast multi-core computer (2.4 GHz processor speed or more) with 4 GB RAM.