General Policy:

We value you as a customer and therefore value your privacy. We never rent, sell or give away or otherwise share any information collected as a result of your visits to our web site, emails, participation in our forum or from ordering our products or services. This includes your computer name, IP address, email address, full name and contact information, or any other personal data.

Web Browsing:

We do not collect personal information from your visit to our web site except when you download a Trial version we collect your name and email to send a link for the Trial download and your telephone to follow up on the evaluation. Our web site collects your IP address to help develop statistics to improve our web site. We also collect broad geographic locations of site visitors and may use your IP address to investigate any hacking attempts or other fraudulent activities.

Our web site may use a “cookie” that your browser stores on your computer. Cookies are small text files containing no personal information and are perfectly safe. Cookies can contain your site viewing preferences and help maintain session information during your visit. You may set your browser to block cookies without affecting your ability to view our web pages.


If you send us an email we may retain your email address for a period of time. If you become a customer, your email address will be retained for servicing your account. We never rent, sell, give away or otherwise share your email address or any other personal information.

Privacy and Security Policies:

When you order products or services, Capture Components, LLC and our ecommerce provider, BlueSnap, Inc., retain only your name, address, telephone number, email address, company and order information. This information is not shared with any other party. During the course of a purchase or refund for products or services, some personal information including credit card information is collected by our ecommerce provider. Capture Components does NOT collect any credit card information. Please visit BlueSnap for their privacy and security policy.

If your company experiences a ccScan Privacy, Security or a Corporate Business issue please call us at: 949-494-1440. If a live agent is not available please leave a message with your contact details.