We hope that you will find our new website more informative, easier to view and friendlier than our previous company site. ccScanNow.com is dedicated to our ccScan® product line. It’s more about helping users reach informed decisions about ccScan document capture software and less about hyping ccScan’s technical capabilities.

Now that our site is nearly complete, we are looking for comments and suggestions from our readers and viewers as well as prospects and customers. What do you like about the site? What don’t you like about the site. What is missing?

We are committed to begin and maintain a Blog to keep readers informed about document capture to the Cloud. We have had so much fun talking to prospects and customers about their applications and how to use ccScan, that we hope to continue and expand that dialog here.

Here are some topics we plan on discussing:

  • Moving to the Cloud — We’ll try to answer these questions: Who is moving data to the Cloud and why? What are the most important benefits and the most serious risks? How can you benefit from using the Cloud?


  • Choosing a Scanner — Often prospects ask us what scanner to use for their job or how to select a scanner or MFP. In this series of topics we will address proper scanner sizing, capabilities, and pricing to help you pick the right scanner.


  • Document Automation — Our users consistently want to improve the efficiency of their document workflow. Here we will visit ways that knowledge workers can work smarter saving time, effort and money by using automation techniques in document scanning and importing.


  • Understanding Barcodes — Many capture applications use barcodes to separate documents from a batch, for identifying or indexing from the barcode data and for file and folder creation. We’ll provide some background and offer some ideas about how you can use barcodes to improve capture performance and accuracy.

We encourage you to post comments on any of the upcoming topics, to share your experiences and ask pertinent questions. But more importantly, please post your own topics to which we and other knowledge leaders can contribute.

We ask only that you focus your topics on document capture, importing or scanning to the Cloud, document imaging, cloud providers and content management systems. Keep the content level professional and educational. There is no room here for spam, personal attacks or flaming.
We are looking forward to a continuing and productive dialog. Let’s get started.

Peter, Monte and Clark