ccScan Standard Barcode

ccScan Barcodes are extremely fast and accurate. High quality imported documents and scanned images achieve accuracy up to 99.99%.
Create your own barcodes from ccScan in lieu of buying a third-party barcode application. ccScan Standard Barcodes includes the capability to create Barcodes to be used for document separation and naming. With ccScan’s barcode utility you can create header sheets or even pages of barcode labels.
ccScan Standard Barcodes may be used only with ccScan Standard products. This is not a stand-alone application, and cannot be used independently from ccScan. It is an optional upgrade similar to functionality found in ccScan Advanced.
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$49 One-Time Purchase -Upgrade Your ccScan Standard Product

Purchase our Barcode Add-On to bring new features to your Standard ccScan software.
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