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A Leading Scan to the Cloud Solution

Save time and money, while lifting productivity! ccScan is an easy to use document capture and management software that will reduce your entry time by up to 50%.

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User Friendly

Quick to set-up and intuitive to use, ccScan is a user friendly software regardless of your technical expertise. Scan or Import documents to the Cloud effortlessly. Administrator modes allow for advanced users to setup and lock complex processes.

Save Time & Money

Companies using ccScan software report incredible reductions in labor costs. In addition, the automation process and subsequent ease of document access allows for our product to more than pay for itself in in days or a few weeks.

Process Automation

With ccScan you can eliminate manual steps and automate job, processing documents with minimal or no human activity beyond setup. Our advanced software comes equipped with Barcode and OCR capabilities to further improve productivity.

ccScan lets you scan or import directly to the cloud with no extra steps!

Integrating with the top cloud storage systems, ccScan is used by smart businesses to save time and automate processes for increased productivity! Simply put, ccScan is the optimal choice to bridge the gap between paper and the cloud.


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