Canon Scanners Showcase

Based on the requests we got from clients on what hardware we would recommend
for their document scanning needs, we’ve put together some suggestions.

For the Road Warriors: imageFORMULA P-208II Scan-tini Personal Document Scanner

The P-208II scanner is ideal for general purpose scanning by stationary users and “road warriors” of various items including receipts, business cards, photographs, bills, contracts, reports, letters, plastic ID cards or driver licenses, and more, wherever they might be. Whether used at home or in the office, the P-208II can help improve personal efficiency, organization, and productivity. Users can benefit from its ultra-compact size and flexibility, scanning items with ease, helping reduce paper in the process.

For General Office Scanning imageFORMULA DR-C225

The DR-C225 scanner uses an innovative, space- saving design to improve the accessibility, management, and collaboration of documents and information. With top feeding and default top eject, the DR-C225 scanner has a very small operational footprint. This slim and unique upright design is ideal for environments where desk space is at a premium.

This compact scanner has the ability to scan up to 25 pages per minute, scanning both sides of an item simultaneously. It reliably handles a wide variety of document types, such as thin or thick, and plastic or embossed cards. Regardless of document type, the DR-C225 scanner can deliver high image quality by adjusting output resolution and removing shadows from the scanned image. Many areas, such as legal, financial, healthcare, and government, can benefit from its small size, ease of use, and high quality imaging.

For the Multi-Taskers imageFORMULA DR-M140

Introduce a compact versatile solution to help reduce paperwork and improve workflows in offices with the imageFORMULA DR-M140 office document scanner. Using an out-of-the-box design, reliable handling, and advanced image quality functions, the DR-M140 scanner is a performance driven device that provides the basis for an intelligent document capture system. This intelligent document capture system ensures efficient information management, proving to be successful in legal, healthcare, government, and financial areas.

The DR-M140 scanner is capable of scanning 6,000 documents per day, from 40 pages per minute in all modes, including color. With such strong capacities, this scanner helps to effectively transition to a paperless office. The DR-M140 scanner is equipped with two feeding paths to tackle different types of documents within large volumes of paper. The default U-turn path works well for typical jobs, while the straight path can be selected to handle items such as thick or thin documents and embossed plastic cards. The DR-M140 scanner uses a convenient, efficient design suitable for desktop use, with a simple control panel enabling easy access to pre-programmed scanning tasks. It is included with comprehensive software for easy integration with third-party systems, making digital filing, a simple but efficient process.

For High Volume Offices: imageFORMULA DR-M160II Office Document Scanner

Well suited for workgroups and departments in any industry, the DR-M160II scanner provides the basis for efficient records management and helps reduce paperwork. It delivers capture capabilities that make it an ideal addition, especially in the legal, financial, healthcare, and government sectors.

The strength of the DR-M160II scanner is seen in its throughput, capacity, and overall performance. Scanning up to 60 pages per minute* – both sides in a single pass – and holding up to 60 sheets in the ADF, it quickly captures and converts paperbased documents into usable, digital information.